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Pretty good so far, fun to play. Nice to have batteries that actually last more than five seconds, aha. I managed to escape the facility the way I came in, but was curious about the laboratory area. Was that accessible in this version, or is that for a future release? One thing I personally would change is the height of the torch, it seemed to be aimed too low down for a lot of the game. Nice job though.


Thanks for playing. The laboratory area is indeed planned for a future release, currently the little security gate type thing you can get to is meant as a teaser for the future. As for the flashlight, i will take a look at the height. I thought i already put it high enough to clear objects and surfaces.

Good to hear, definitely going to keep an eye on it! It might just be my personal preference with the flashlight, hah.

Hello, this game had some good stuff to show: I really appreciated the running animation (was really neat seeing the landscape morphing in that way!) and also sounds were on point.

Honestly I got stuck and I couldn't proceed after picking up the key because I couldn't access the generator room so maybe a couple of hints could be useful. Apart from that really a nice job! I recorded a LP on it if you're interested!

I played it! It was so scary haha, I liked it other than I couldn't really figure out what to do, so any ways here is my playthrough of me getting my pants scared off XD